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Whether it is saying thank you or hello a personalised MERCHANDISE pack is always a nice touch 


A merchandise pack for new staff, Customers or students can be a great way to start out on the right foot. A merchandise pack can be created for any occasion and is a great way for people to feel welcome. 

These kits are suggestions based on what the top brands are using.  The best way to get started is to build a special, custom kit that reflects the style of your brand.  Make it yours, and make it creative.

Once you’ve decided on your favorite items, we will build your specialised, 
tailor-made kit with your logo.

We will then pack the items and can send the kits out on your behalf. 

Some of the packs we offer include: 

Staff Onboarding Packs 

Student Orientation Kits 

Staff Uniform Packs 

Staff Rewards Programs 

Custom Thank You Gift Sets 

You can contact us directly at 07 356 0402 or sales@thebrandingbusiness.com.au to request your free estimation and concept art.